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NG Spinner Controller Board for Neo Geo MVS / AES / CD

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The NG Spinner Controller Board provides rotary controls on Neo Geo MVS, AES and CD systems for the games Hypernoid and Pop'N Bounce. With this board you can build your own custom spinner controller and enjoy an advanced gaming experience.

To build a spinner controller you need to connect a non-USB spinner device like SpinTrak or TurboTwist and three arcade buttons and mount it inside a suitable box. The DB15 (D-Sub) adapter of the board can be connected with a joystick extension cable to the Neo Geo P1/P2 joystick port. (All these additional parts need to be bought separately, only the NG Spinner Board and a User Manual will be delivered.)

Please note that the longer female DB15 plug of currently available extension cables don't fit the male DB15 board connector and needs to be replaced with a standard-sized female DB15 plug (15 pins, 2 rows). Only older cables with a short female DB15 plug will fit without modification.